Why do people like to have Malas?

Have you ever wondered why your grandmother used to use Mala? In this blog, friends, I would like to discuss about increased importance of Mala which is famously known as beads rosary. Before getting into prayer beads importance I would take little time explaining how it came into existence. Normally in every religion people used to have Japa mala which is known by Hindus. In an attempt to keep mind onto full concentration showing devotion to lord, those malas are used for keeping counting of the prayers repetition. Not to forget is the Hindu Mala in which certain number of beads is found based on religious significance. It also varies from religion to religion owing to its religious significance.

During the course of chanting one has to be careful while moving from one beads to another in such a way that helps the person in keeping track of the number of prayers chanted. It is also said that such usage of beads counting helps one to increase concentration and devotion.  Traditionally, people are found to hold mala in right hand in which mala is kept hanging between the thumb as well as ring finger. And the middle finger is used for rotating the mala through one bead based on each repetition of chanting. However, this mala is known as Anglican Rosary by Roman Catholics they often use it traditionally mingling the devotion and prayer as well as meditation.

These are the reasons people have put the practice of using of such mala in order to derive so many benefits!

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