Win 1 lakh rupees after playing quiz game online.

Online games have become favorites for every age group worldwide. We play it for fun and pass our leisure time in our home or any other place. But how have you ever wondered of playing game to win money for you. Yes, you are hearing it right. Play quiz to win prize up to 1 lakh rupees from this game portal. Just get started to materialize your knowledge which you have been gathering since your childhood. But before going for final game let me give you some rules and regulation of this online game.

Playing game in internet has become a passion for internet users in some countries. But playing game for wining prize is something new and many does not believe unless play it. Yes, I too was not believing it as game is usually played to pass your time but not for money. It is genuine quiz portal for online players who are willing to use his knowledge to get valuable return. It acts like Kaun Banega Crorepati but players have to play it online. Play Kaun Banega Crorepati online like game to win up to one lac rupees reward for your knowledge after giving 17 right answers.

But that candidate must be over 18 years of age and register with Rs 1800 to get your user ID and password. You will be given three pin after registration and with each pin you can play once. Total numbers of questions are 17 and one wrong answer will terminate you from this contest. It is basically like quiz competition coming on TV but here you can take help from anyone sitting near you. Get registered yourself and gear up with precious knowledge to play this game and get reward you deserve.


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