Play online quiz by subscription to win one lakh rupees

People like to play different games since childhood. It gives relief to stress and helps to pass leisure time. There are many outdoor and indoor games for players. These are liked by all age group irrespective of their ages and group. These days, playing online game has become a passion for many after coming of internet in India. Earlier, it was popular in Europe and America only. But today players from different nations come to play online game at one junction. This passion can be a source of earning money by playing this game online. Play quiz online to win up to one lakh rupees from this quiz portal. Many players from different states have won this quiz after playing it.

You must be willing to play this Kbc like game. This game is only for the adult i.e. who has attained the age of 18. It can be played by registering with 1800 rupees required as fees from player. After registration, player is given three pins (having id and passwords) for playing the game. Players can play or access this online quiz by subscription in the website. Players should read all the rules and regulation of the game before playing the final game. This online quiz game helps in increasing our knowledge and reasoning to give quick answer. Hence, it is beneficial for the players as they develop mental power during this game.

KBC is a popular quiz game of wining money up to crores of rupees by giving right answer of the questions. This is a small version of this game as prize money is only one lakh rupees for the players. In real Kbc, only one person can play but here you can take the help of your friend while playing it.  There are total 17 questions are there for players. Play KBC game online to win attractive money by giving 17 right answers. In each question, 20 seconds is given to answer by candidate. Every wrong answer can oust you from winning this money. Play this game carefully to win this handsome prize and enjoy your life.


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