Play Kbc like online quiz game in the website after registration

Do you want to play Kbc like online game to win money? is a website based in Delhi has drawn its inspiration from Kbc to conduct quiz for the online players. It is high time for the quiz lovers and playing it to win money is additional pleasure for the contestant. Earlier, people used to play game to enjoy and pass their times. But now people can use their knowledge in gaining money up to one lakh rupees from this website. This is why participants from every part of the world are playing this game and winning the sum from the website.

People willing to play this game have to register in the website with a fee of Rs. 1700 to get the three pins. These pins are used in playing the game which consists of 17 questions. Participants have to answer all the questions correctly in order to get the whole sum. One wrong answer will eliminate the contest from the game. In each question, only 20 seconds is given to the participant to answer it correctly. But it can be increased to 20 seconds more by time lifeline. Play Kbc game online to win this handsome prize from this online quiz game. And after winning you can enjoy your life to the fullest and at heart content with the money.

It is a genuine game with chance to win this money after playing the game. There are three levels in the game and after finishing every level, you can quit the game. But you will get the won sum in the game. Even hard question can be evaded by taking the help of another lifeline in the game. Reducing option is possible with another lifeline to two to give exact answer. Play quiz online and win one lakh rupees with the help of your friends and lifeline in the game. Play this game after reading the rules and regulation of the website to avoid confusion.


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