Kbc India online give chance to win one lakh rupees

Quizdeal website has organized the first online quiz game for the play and win handsome prize. This game is popular in the European countries. But it is spreading rapidly in India due to coming of the internet in every region. Moreover, after the coming of the Kaun Banega Crorepati many people are taking interest in it. This game has drawn its inspiration from this game but it is offering only one lakh rupees. So, interested candidate can play this game after registering in the website with Rs. 1700 required as fees to get the three pins. Play Kbc India online to win this attractive prize from the company and enjoy whole heartedly. Let us look at the rules and regulation of the game for playing.

This game is not for minor and participant should be well above 18 years of age. Pins given after the registration should be used for starting the game. People aspiring to participate in the Kbc can test their knowledge in this website. There are 17 questions for the participant to win the whole sum of money from the company. Play to win 1 lakh rupees after answering the entire question correctly. In each question, 20 second is given to answer. But it time can be increased to 20 seconds more to think and answer correctly. This is a lifeline and three lifelines option are given in each level of the game.

Materialize the knowledge you posses and use it to win this handsome prize. Many advantages are given to the participant to win the prize. There is a chance of evading the hard question to search the easier questions. Even the options can be reduced to two from four by taking the help of lifeline of 50:50. So, it provide chance to play quiz to win the prize to the participants. Interested player can use credit card and send demand draft to get the pins. Participants should read the rules and regulation of the game before to avoid confusion. Grab the chance of winning this handsome prize after playing it after registration.


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