Play online quiz game and win handsome prize

Playing outdoor and indoor games are important for the individual to get enjoyment and reduce tension acquired during the day. There is health benefits associated with playing the game with friends or alone. Nowadays, people sit in front of the computer in order to play their favorite game after the end of the work. Most of the games are found in the paid version which has to be bought by the player. But this website is giving a chance to win from game online by registering in the website with a minimum fee. Players can win up to one lakh rupees from the website after playing the game.

Players from different states of India are coming to the website to play and win the sum. A sum of Rs. 1700 is required by the participants during the registration. After the completion, three pins are given to the students which are useful in starting the game. Candidate willing to play the game should be above the age of 18 years. Play to win 1 lakh rupees from the website after answering 17 questions correctly. In each question twenty seconds time is given to the players. Winner will be given the award shortly in the form of cheque and depositing the money in the bank account.

In the game, players are given many advantages to win the prizes. Three lifelines are given in each level of the game. First lifeline is to increase the time to 20 seconds more to give the answer correctly. The option can be reduced to two from four. Play game and win the handsome prize taking the help of the lifelines. Last lifeline helps to evade the hard questions of the game so that you can answer the questions which are known to you. Participants can take the help of the friends while answering the questions in the game. All these advantages will help you to win this prize easily. Read the rules and regulation of the game before proceeding for the game in the website.


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